....and the family

-Excerpt from The Greater Wait of Evidence

James has weaved his experiences growing up in a summer tourist trap in Maine with his penchant for story-telling and with his background in the law, politics, religion, and, of course, amore. The series of legal thrillers follow the antics  of Digger Davenport, Port Talbot's college-aged summer Bike Cop. Digger has an uncanny knack for finding the real murderer. Contact James at 855 443 8529 for more information or email him at james@jamesbrunerlaw.com.

Meet Author James H.K. Bruner, Esq.

In the good old days in this small Maine seaport, it was safe for a kid of eleven years of age to leave a note to his parents saying that he had gone fishing at five in the morning; and the parents, three hours later, would only smile upon his industriousness, and perhaps look at the tide chart to see if their boy was wise as well. In the good old days being a kid alone and riding bikes, fishing, or skipping stones across the water at the beach was normal. No one could know that this day was one of the last of the good old days in Port Talbot.